Giving to Rockbrook

Giving Made Easy

Rockbrook United Methodist Church appreciates your gracious generosity as we carry out Missions and Ministries in our community and beyond!

We are pleased we can now offer the opportunity to assist you in making giving more regular thru online giving.  Whether you give weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, you can save the expense of writing 12-52 checks yearly toward your tithe/pledge. 

Or when travel, illness, or other circumstances prevent you from being present, you can remain consistent with your giving rather than trying to 'catch up' at a later time.

  • Give from your Checking Account
  • Give from your Savings Account
  • Give using your Credit Card or Debit Card
  • You make the choice
  • You can even set up recurring drafts

We know that security and confidentiality are important to you, so we have partnered with PayPal to ensure that all transactions are protected and private. 

OnLine Giving – It’s Easy.


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(Special Projects Property Fund)

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